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Karen Carr

As a professional mixed media artist with over 25 years of experience, I have developed a rich and varied portfolio of public art and private commissions. My delight in creating work that reflects a collaborative community attitude and offers a strong sense of place and identity, has led me to work with a diversity of community and educational groups as well as private collectors.


My enthusiasm and curiosity for incorporating repurposed and natural material into a piece, encourages public thought and engagement and has become a signature of my work.


With a background in business and building, I am able to approach large and challenging instalments with a practical and logical nature. This has influenced my work by allowing freedom to expand and broaden the scope of my productions while meeting time and financial budgets.


I find great satisfaction in researching, collating and bringing a project to life in order to reflect the brief of a commissioned work or community project. 


I work with cultural and historical sensitivity and respect, and strive to reflect the true essence and spirit of a community and it’s values and ethos.

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